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Advertising on the OAITA Website!

Advertising on the OAITA website is a great way to reinforce your marketing message and to reach member and non-member visitors and even a large portion of the direct consuming public. Visitors and members log in from all over Ohio to access their membership benefits and to learn about upcoming association events, news alerts, read our Blog and to interact with other members. Advertising on the OAITA website offers several cost-effective opportunities to help position your company as a leader in front of an influential group of title industry and other real estate professionals.

Features of OAITA website advertising

  • Cross-promoted in other OAITA publications and communication pieces
  • Directs visitors to your landing page of choice to expedite purchases
  • Year-round 24/7 visibility reinforces brand recognition
  • Change artwork monthly to allow dynamic, time-sensitive offers and events
  • Build and maintain your product or service awareness

Who is the OAITA?

Ohio Association of Independent Title Agents (OAITA) is the state non-profit trade association representing the entire land title industry in the state of Ohio.  Founded in 2008 and serving a membership of over 300 plus and representing approximately 7,500 professionals employed in the title insurance business.  Its members create uniformity and promote the title insurance industry, the independent title agent and they further share a common philosophy about the value of independence, transparency and autonomy in real estate transactions.

Member Profile

OAITA members are the decision makers in Ohio’s land title industry. OAITA members and associates are agents, underwriters, title examiners, abstractors, attorneys, settlement attorneys and other real estate professionals including surveyors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan originators, lenders and notaries who assist in protecting the validity and sanctity of land title records in the United States and further assist in removing the conflicts of interest and restoring the “checks and balance” and safeguards to the real estate transaction.

The OAITA Advantage

The OAITA promotes higher standards of professionalism, integrity and communication throughout the real estate and the Ohio land title industry.  The OAITA mission includes actively promoting standards and regulations that increase the effectiveness of the industry through legislative initiatives and educational programs. Further, we believe that truly independent title agencies make title insurance costs more competitive, help lower title insurance claims and protect the ultimate consumer from costly real estate related litigation, displacement from their home and horrible inconveniences.

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