What is the OAITAPAC?

The Ohio Association of Independent Title Agents Political Action Committee is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association which helps elect candidates who have demonstrated support for the land title insurance industry. The OAITAPAC supports only candidates for the Ohio legislature and for statewide office in Ohio.


I pay my dues. Isn’t that enough?

Federal and State election laws prohibit the use of member dues for political contributions. Funds for political contributions must be raised separately from OAITA funds.


I don’t believe in buying votes.

Neither does OAITAPAC. Unlike some will lead you to believe, political contributions simply help an organization get “a foot in the door” for communication purposes. Like you, a senator’s or representative’s schedule is extremely busy—we, the title insurance profession, must compete with the many other groups around the Statehouse for an opportunity to voice our concerns. It’s only human that an elected official would be more likely to schedule an appointment with a supportive group as opposed to one he or she doesn’t know. If OAITAPAC ever tried to “buy” a vote, our effectiveness and credibility would evaporate immediately.


Who decides which candidate to support?

The members who serve on OAITAPAC‘s Board of Trustees. These trustees, from cities across the state, are responsible for establishing policy and determining how OAITAPAC will distribute contributions. In most cases, recipients are selected on the basis of meeting general criteria, including: Voting record, stance on issues of importance to the independent title insurance profession, legislative committee assignments, position within legislature, financial need, and ability to be elected.


If you have more questions about OAITAPAC, send an e-mail to info@oaita.org